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Corbett cricket ground – corporate cricket matches


As we know as a corporate person, it is not always a vacation with your family for which you leave home and visit a tourist spot. It can also be for an office party or picnic or taking your corporate friends on a holiday for refreshment. You can also plan to meet your clients outside office in a casual environment and enjoy the bonding. Wondering where you can go? Well a perfect spot for whatever you have in mind is Jim Corbett national park. It is away from the din of the city and away from regular hectic life giving a refreshing and energizing experience. And if you think jungle safari and tiger tourism are the only activities you can enjoy there then you are wrong. There is a huge cricket ground named as Corbett cricket ground present where corporate cricket matches are played regularly.

A friendly match on a 55 yard cricket ground with huge pavilion with both open and covered sitting place is what will make your trip a memorable one. There are both cement and turf pitches available with international standard amenities along with bowling machines to help you practice.