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In India, we believe that cricket is not just a sport but with its fame and popularity it has become a religion. With continuous success of the Indian men and women cricket team, it is only an acceptable fact that almost every individual has a liking for cricket. Now when we go for a vacation, we generally take an off from playing any kind of sports owing to the fact that the destination will not have proper setup or equipments for the sport. But it is not the same for Jim corbett national park. If you are planning a vacation here, you will be presented with a well maintained Cricket ground known as Corbett Cricket ground.


It is a 55 yard cricket ground with international standard practice facilities and 9 turf pitches. There are also 6 cemented pitches made available. The pavilion is fully equipped with both open and covered area and all weather areas. Bowling machines are also available. Overall, this cricket ground is your dream place amidst the beauty and tranquility of nature adding some activity to your vacation schedule. Whenever you visit Jim corbett national park, do not forget to try this place.