Corbett Cricket Ground (CCG), Uttrakahand

Corbett Cricket Ground is fully equipped and well appointed 55 yard standard Cricket Ground in Corbett. In midst of Jim Corbett National Park, ground has fully equipped international standard practice facilities with 9 turf and 6 cemented pitches.

Facilities and Features of Corbett Cricket Ground
  • 55 yards cricket ground with turf pitch
  • International standard Practice Area
  • 15 practice pitches (06 cemented and 09 Turf pitches)
  • Bowling machine: Make: Bola (professional).
  • Fully equipped
  • Both open & covered area
  • All weather pavilion area
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Sultanpur Cricket Ground in Gurgaon, Haryana

Gurgaon Cricket Ground is one of the best cricket ground available in and around delhi and Gurgaon. When you look for well equipped and International standard 75 yard Cricket Ground in Gurgaon your search ends here. Gurgaon Cricket Ground is Equipped with 7 Practice pitches (5 Turf and 2 Cemented) makes it best cricket ground in Gurgaon.

Specifications and facilities of cricket ground:
  • 75 yards international standard cricket ground.
  • Turf pitches.
  • 7 practice pitches (5 turf pitches & 2 cemented)
  • International standard practice area.
  • Bowling machine available on demand. Make: Bola (professional)
Ground equipments & infrastructure.
  • Roller
  • Pitch cover
  • Grass Cutter
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Cricket Ground in NCR

Are you in search of a good cricket ground in NCR? Are you looking for one with all possible amenities.

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